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    I'm ABC and came back to Taiwan (I've had my share of girlfriends
 in USA). In 5 years staying here (and dating several TWN girls from 25-36
yos, here is my take: Taiwanese women are narcissists, especially if she is
even slightly attractive. Most of them live off their parents. If they are
well-off, forget about scoring with them unless you are more well-off than
them, their parents will find every reason in the world NOT to be with you.

    我是一個回到台灣居住的美國華僑(譯註:America-born Chinese),在美國曾
與幾個女孩子交往過。在台灣待了五年,跟許多台灣女孩子約會過(她們介於25歲到36歲之間)。我的想法是這樣的:「台灣女人是自戀狂(譯註:Narcissist,取自於希臘羅馬神話水仙花的故事。),尤其是那些稍為有姿色的,更是不可一世。這些女 孩子(作者曾約會過的),衣食皆仰賴父母。你如果沒有比她們有錢,千萬別評論這 種生活型態,還有,正因為她們比你有錢,她們的父母特別挑剔,寧可找上千百個理 由,也不願和你交往。
   $$$$ is king, you can be fat, butt-ugly but if you are rich or appear
rich, they will find every reason in the world to like you. And if you are
not, you can become 'friends' with them, you simply become her platonic
biitch, she only calls when she needs you and will never ever admit she
is just using you for material things but will always give you you subtle
hints of the Coach, LV, or expensive electronic gadget that she really really
wants for her B-day.

    錢就是無冕之王。只要有了錢,台灣的女孩子和她們父母就會特別哈你,就算 你又肥又醜,她們還是找得出理由貼著你;要是你沒錢,沒關係,你還可以與她們 當無「性」的「朋友」,然而,她們在有麻煩事時,才會找你;換言之,你成了卑賤 的奴隸,得為她們做牛做馬。她們就是只貪圖現實利益才與你來往,但卻從來不肯承認 。她們一有機會就會暗示你,要你送她們LV或Coach之類的名牌包包,或是要你在她們 生日的時候送一些超貴電子產品。
    Worse, forgetting to bring her purse when inviting her & her friends
to meet you. And if she brings it, puts the onus on you to pay for it
by sitting there silently, not moving, as if waiting for the 'traditional-male
' to pick up the tab.

   還有更糟的咧!也許你會邀請這些女孩子(還有她們的朋友),請她們參加一場聚會 ,但她們總是不會帶自己皮包出來;如果她們有帶包包,她們也不會主動付款;她們會 靜坐在那兒,一動也不動,好像在等一位古紳士付款;換言之,她們把「付款」的責任 交給男生了。

   And if she is poor, she is even more materialistic. I remember our company
 hired a TWN girl (27) never held a steady job, complain to us how little she
 makes and how her mom has no job and how she has to support her mom... then I
 found out her 1st paycheck, she went out and bought a IPhone4.. Saying how it
 was always her dream. All I can say was "wow" thinking how full of shhit
 she was.

    有錢的女孩還好,沒錢女孩更是「崇拜物質」到某種可怕的境界。我曾經在某家 公司服務,這家公司請了一個女生(27歲)。這女生從未有過穩定的工作,總是 向我們(公司人員)抱怨自己的薪水好少,抱怨她的老媽沒有工作,抱怨自己必須供 她老媽吃住;然而,她第一次領薪水的時候,我看到她把錢拿去買一台「愛瘋4」。 她說:「擁有一台「愛瘋4」是我的夢想。」她真是有夠爛的啦,我大開眼界,只有這 樣才能形容她了!

    And I'm talking about girls that aren't even that attractive. Maybe a 7/8
 out of 10. Yes I'm being shallow by putting them on a scale like that, but
if I'm one feet deep, these girls' can be measured in micrometers.

    接下來呢,我來談談那些不怎麼吸引人的女生吧。如果滿分有十分,台灣女生在 大概有七分(或八分)。對啦,這種評鑑標準實在膚淺。但我得講:「如果我的深度 只有30公分,台灣女孩子的深度就只能用微米來計算了。」
   The younger ones that are even semi-attractive, are even more materialistic
 and pretentious. Most pretend they are not materialistic. And the few that
are not after $$$, are after Beiber looks no matter how gay-looking or
irresponsible these guys are.

   來講講那些比較年輕的台灣女孩子吧!她們的確有點吸引力,但又更「虛榮做作」 (譯註:Pretentious,做作。)。她們嘴巴不承認,身體倒是挺誠實的。她們不是拜金, 就是「拜帥哥」,就算那些哥們的長相鳥得像是「賈斯汀‧比伯」,看起來不負責任又 很娘,她們就哈這種的!
   Most don't have a job and those that do, spend as much money on their
looks as the girls. There are no Rambos, athletic real man here (ok maybe
5% of population, sorry to these real guys).

  這些娘炮沒有工作,又喜歡像娘們打扮自己,花掉大把銀子。我在這兒看不到像 藍寶的人,強又imba(好啦,搞不好有5%的人口還滿強壯的,在此向這些人道歉。)

  The guys these girls hang out with are perfect mirror of themselves,
devoid of any personality and has the sophistication of a Lego block. Most
of the skinny, wannabes gay looking guys (they actually think they are
model-quality!!) hang around disco clubs, malls like spoiled rich American
teenagers and spend all their money on the latest fashion craze.

   這些女孩子所喜歡的男生,就是自己的完美寫照:「完全沒有個性,每個人都像 樂高積木一樣制式。」這些愛美的娘炮(他們還以為自己是個天生的模特兒!), 流連於夜店,像個有錢頹廢美國青年,虛擲萬金,就只是為了打扮自己。
   The guys are so skinny and feeble (I'm sure they can double their size
if they went to gym and worked out) that if a typhoon come suddenly, they
all be blow to the ocean. The only thing that makes their wheel turn are
MSN, SKYPE, Facebook, self-portraits of themselves plastered all over each
other's home pages.

   娘炮看起來又瘦又沒什麼力氣(他們要是肯健身,身體會是目前身體的兩倍大!) ,颱風一來,就可以把他們吹到海裡去。他們唯一有動力的時候,就是開MSN聊天、 開Skype哈拉、看臉書、搞自拍照、或是把自拍照貼在另一個娘炮的網頁上。
   God, they make Bieber look macho. No, I'm not the jealous type,
I'm just telling it as it is. I've also been to China/Vietnam/Thailand and
there is a world of difference in the girls' attitudes when I meet them.

   媽呀,連「賈斯汀‧比伯」都比他們MAN!我絕對不是嫉妒她們,真的。 。接下來呢,再來談談我在國外遇到的女生吧。我曾經到中國、越南、和泰國遊玩, 那裡的女人就有於台灣女生,差異之大之多,令人咋舌。
   I remember meeting girls that are 9 on a scale of 10, with no attitudes,
no BS, no mark-ups that will put the TWN girls to shame.
       使用和寫作邏輯來看,不太像是"以英語為第二語言的中文母語人士"寫的。 像是:「最好又高,了解我,又負責任,我最喜歡這樣的男孩子了。」之類的。